Package yawPyCrypto :: Module Cipher :: Class DecryptCipher
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Class DecryptCipher

             object --+    
            DecryptBase --+
     object --+           |
              |           |
     StreamBase --+       |
                  |       |
        InputStream --+   |
                      |   |
     object --+       |   |
              |       |   |
AlgoDefinitions --+   |   |
                  |   |   |
       CipherStream --+   |
                      |   |
          DecryptStream --+

Decryption cipher class. This class is the main entrypoint for all stream decryption which is to be done by yawPyCrypto. The stream which is passed using feed() to an instance of this class must have been created by EncryptCipher (or a derived class). Interfacing with this class is done similar to interfacing with the EncryptCipher class by calling the feed() and finish() methods.
Method Summary
  __init__(self, password, IV)
Initialize the decryption cipher.
a new object with type S, a subtype of T __new__(S, ...)

Method Details

__init__(self, password, IV=None)

Initialize the decryption cipher. The parameters used here are
the following:
    password - The password used on encrypting the stream. This
               must be a string of valid length for the decryption
               algorithm (which is read from the stream).
    IV - In case you passed a user-defined block chaining mode IV
         to the encryption cipher class, you must also pass it
         to the decryption. Special value None means to use the
         default IV defined in
All arguments have safe defaults except the password argument,
thus it is safe just to instantiate this class with the password

__new__(S, ...)

a new object with type S, a subtype of T

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